Sheri Wilson shares her favourite Roxy & Rich product: our “Old Gold” Hybrid Lustre Dust.

Choosing just one product was quite the challenge since there are so many incredible options!

I’ve chosen this product because I use it on a very regular basis thanks to its great versatility.

Again and again, I find myself reaching for Roxy & Rich’s “Old Gold” Hybrid Lustre Dust. I’ve searched high and low for edible gold Lustre Dust with the perfect colour and luminance, and Old Gold is a solid winner!

Pink covered pink cherries with gold lustre dust

What is Hybrid Lustre Dust?

Hybrid Lustre Dust gives your edible creations a metallic finish. Roxy & Rich’s water-soluble, mica-based Hybrid Lustre Dust is 100% edible. Most of the lustres I’ve used in the past have had neither a deep enough colour nor the right shine to create a true metallic gold. Hybrid Lustre Dust is by far my favourite option, and it’s now a staple in my decorating kit! It’s free of the top 9 allergens, meaning it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and more. It’s also kosher and vegan/vegetarian, making it an amazing option for those with dietary restrictions.

Beware of “decorative purposes only” and “non-toxic” lustre dust

In the past, I’ve resorted to using “non-toxic” lustres on my decorations, but needing to remove them before serving proved to be very inconvenient. Choosing “non-toxic” luster dust or disco dust over edible lustre dust can even result in metal poisoning. Roxy & Rich is proud to only offer 100% safe and edible* products.

Roxy & Rich’s “Old Gold” Hybrid Lustre Dust has a beautifully balanced, deep golden colour without appearing too yellow or grey, all while providing a slightly antique look. Roxy & Rich also offers many other beautiful shades of gold! In fact, they offer a wide variety of colours in general; there are 64 gorgeous shades of Hybrid Lustre Dust to choose from, making it the perfect choice for any sugar creations!

How to use Roxy & Rich’s Hybrid Lustre Dust

I use Old Gold as a dry powder for dusting onto chocolate and desserts with a brush for a beautiful sheen. It can also be mixed with a little bit of alcohol (vodka), lemon extract, or water to create a “paint.” Both applications work very well and produce beautiful results with uniform coverage.

A great way to use this lustre dust is to paint drips on cakes, and you can also use a paintbrush to flick specks of gold onto cakes, macarons, chocolate, and other delicious treats!

Pink covered pink cherries with gold lustre dust

The product works well for dry brushing onto chocolate or painting onto buttercream, ganache, wafer paper, and even candy! A little hack I like to use is to place chocolates/candies/cherries into a ziplock bag and add 1 tsp of “Old Gold” Hybrid Lustre Dust before shaking the bag to coat. This is a very easy way to dry-coat items in gold with none of the lustre going to waste. Simply save the ziplock bag for future use.

Hybrid Lustre Dust can be added to nonpareil to create metallic sprinkles, or used for airbrushing– which I have yet to try but am definitely excited to test out!


Many thanks to our brand ambassador Sheri Wilson! Meet her on our blog.





** As food safety standards vary from one country to the next, see our product description for more information.