Roxy & Rich
The story behind our
food colours

We originally founded Roxy & Rich in 2011 under the name Chocolats Roxy & Rich Inc. We shared a passion for chocolate . . . delicious, bite-size pleasures, according to Roxane!

The first year was devoted to research and development for creating coloured chocolate. For financial support, we decided to market the cocoa butter used in our work. In 2012 we launched our collection of coloured cocoa butter through a local distributor—thus securing our very first sale of food colouring products! Over the years we have added several new collections to our list of food colours.

In 2016, with our entire operations focused on food colours, we changed the name of the company to Roxy & Rich Inc.


Our mission? To offer high-quality, effective, edible products for decorating cakes, making chocolate or baking your favourite pastries. After all, what you are really creating are moments of pure pleasure!

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Unique technology

Following our analysis of food colours already available on the market, we wanted to offer something different, something better, and something edible. Our scientific knowledge has allowed us to incorporate three techniques into the microtechnology used to make our products. The first is micro coating. It involves applying a thin layer of colour to a particle whose dimensions are no greater than the quarter of a strand of hair. The second, microencapsulation, is used to create colour-filled microbeads. Lastly, through micronization, particles can be fractured down to diameters of 10 microns or less. Try our products. You’ll be amazed!