Leanne Kelly is the driving force behind The Whimsical Cakery. An incredibly talented cake artist specializing in luxurious edible creations, Leanne has been featured in a variety of magazines in the cake and wedding industries. We recently asked her to offer her unique perspective on this year’s Wedding Cake Trends.

Wedding cake by The Whimsical Cakery

3 Wedding Cake Trends for 2022

Bold designs, sugar flowers, and hand-painted details will prevail. 

This year, we will see couples opting for bolder designs and interesting textures, with sugar flowers serving as an important focal point. We will also see a prevalence of tiers of varying heights with the addition of separators, including small acrylic separators as seen in “The First Dance” cake (pictured below) as well as large, clear separators filled with flowers. Wildflower arrangements are going to be very popular in 2022, with plenty of couples having already chosen this style for their fondant-covered wedding cakes. Hand-painted details are another focal point, whether as a full tier to complement sugar flowers or in the form of small personalized details.

Wedding Cake Ideas for 2022

Leanne, the creative force behind The Whimsical Cakery, has created three stunning designs to inspire you in your next project. While each design brings something unique to the table, they share a common element: sugar flowers, which have been growing in popularity as of late. Since fresh flowers aren’t always safe for cakes, sugar flowers are always a great choice when decorating your desserts.

Whimsical Wedding Cake – The First Dance

Leanne’s first design features a free-flowing wildflower arrangement across cake tiers, emphasizing a sense of whimsy. The orientation of the leaves and branches also helps to create this flow. Mixing together a variety of complementary colors is key to achieving the wildflower meadow aesthetic.

Wedding cake by The Whimsical Cakery

This fluid design was inspired by spring and early summer as well as blossoming, enchanting woodlands and wildflower meadows.

Products used:

  • Fondant Base: Avocado FONDUST®
  • Flower Paste: Maple Leaf Green and Bordeaux FONDUST®
  • Dusting Flowers and Leaves: Mustard, Nutmeg, Hydrangea, Sage, Khaki, Citronella, Rose Leaf Green, Mushroom, Chai Tea, Powder Pink Hybrid Petal Dust

Romantic and Vintage – True Romance

Her second design highlights a vintage sense of romance that still keeps an eye toward the contemporary. The cube cake tiers provide a perfect canvas for hand-painting with petal dust and cocoa butter. The adornment of love letters atop the cake along with a single large sugar rose perfectly emphasizes the design’s blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Wedding cake by The Whimsical Cakery

This second design was inspired by romance, love letters, and period architecture, along with a dash of modernity thanks to a cube-tiered structure.

Products used:

  • Fondant Base: painted with Hybrid Petal Dust and Cocoa Butter using shades of Powder Pink, Bordeaux, Hydrangea, Chai Tea and Nutmeg.
  • Vintage Look: this cake was dusted with Chai Tea Hybrid Petal Dust

A Modern Look – Blaze of Glory

With a more contemporary feel overall, this last design features elongated cake tiers, with sugar flowers taking pride of place right in the center, framed by a burst of autumnal leaves. Bold colors, textured fondant, a metallic sheen, and a large sugar flower arrangement combine to create a show-stopping wedding cake.

Wedding cake trends for 2022

This last design was inspired by autumn’s bold colors and textures.

Check out the video below to learn how Leanne created her sugar paste leaves.

Products used:

  • Fondant & Royal Icing: Claret, Brick Red, Chocolate Brown FONDUST®
  • Gold used in the cracks: Soft Gold Hybrid Lustre Dust and Dark Gold Hybrid Sparkle Dust.
  • Flower Paste: Claret, Super Black, Super Red and Gold FONDUST®.
  • Hybrid Petal Dust: Coral, Autumn Blaze, Bordeaux, Powder Pink, Citronella, Khaki, Sage, Nutmeg, Mustard, Chai Tea and Mushroom.

Trendy or Traditional Wedding Cakes?

You might be tempted to simply follow the latest wedding trends (such as the colour of the year), but what’s most important is for your wedding cake to reflect the unique beauty of your love.

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