After 2018’s Ultra Violet and 2019’s Living Coral, Pantone has chosen Classic Blue to ring in the new century. Good news! Whether it’s for decorating cakes, cookies or chocolate, Classic Blue is becoming more and more popular in baking!


Through its positive connections to the sky and sea, blue is a well-loved colour that has climbed to the very top of the world’s favourite colour list. According to the famous Pantone Color Institute, the reassuring nature of Classic Blue is thought-provoking and underlines our desire for strong, stable foundations on which to build the future. Classic Blue inspires peacefulness and confidence.


Pantone says that this colour will be featured in several areas, including food, travelling, decorating, fashion, etc. So don’t be surprised if you see it everywhere over the next months! In food, Classic Blue expresses tradition, elegance, sophistication, and an unexpected boldness.


Are you wondering how to embrace this trend and bake up impressive creations?

It’s easy with our R&R blue suggestions!


Fondust Neon Blue (F-024) for fondant and icing

Petal Dust Royal Blue (T-053) for sugar flowers and pastillage

Lustre Dust and Sparkle Dust Super Blue (L-007 and S-007)

Coloured Cocoa Butter Gemstone Collection Blue Lapis (BG-012) for chocolate.