Just as beautiful as they are delicious, cakes and pastries of all kinds are now following practices rooted in fashion, art, design . . . and healthy living!


 Fruit moves into the spotlight!

Fruit is making a huge comeback, this time with a twist . . . The new rule of thumb is to keep in step with peak seasons. Exotic fruit is still used to add exotic touches and acidity to dishes, but it is much less prominent.


Looks good, tastes great!

With social networks such as Instagram, visual appeal has taken on a huge role in pastry-making. Aesthetics are essential as they form part of the experience. When you see a beautiful, elegant cake, you can’t help but feel an attraction! And the taste must be equally impressive!


Less is more?

If you like simplicity, here’s some great news! Making a complete 360 from the plethoric cake decorating trend, minimalism is now sounding the charge! But don’t get us wrong. As can be seen in several areas, minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean easy to make . . .


Less . . . guilty pleasures!

Lighter, less sweet desserts that cause less guilt. The current trend calls for pastries with less sugar and fat. Food allergies have also made their way into the pastry kitchen. Recipes are being entirely reworked to find deliciously balanced solutions.


Vegan variations

Pastry is no exception when it comes to new dietary trends! Following in the footsteps of gluten, sugar and dairy-free products, vegan and raw pastries are paving their way ahead.