To our grand surprise, after the Classic Blue of 2020, Pantone has selected the colour Ultimate Gray and the colour Illuminating. This year, Pantone wants to send a message of hopefulness by using these two complementary colours.

Without a doubt, the joy and happiness that brings the colour Illuminating, as well as the calm and elegance of the colour Ultimate Gray, demonstrate more than ever that we need to unite and balance our lives.

Pantone has a huge influence on trends in fashion and design, as well as in graphic designing and product packaging. So why not use them in our pastries?

Being an innovative company, Roxy & Rich is determined in offering the highest quality products to help stimulate your creativity, with our 100% vibrant and edible food colours. We are constantly on the lookout for trends, and in honor of Pantone 2021, we have chosen to highlight the colour lemon yellow (F-005) from our Fondust® product line, as well as our grey (L-011) from our Hybrid Lustre Dust product line.

Whether you’re in the field of cakes, cookies, chocolates, candies, or all other kinds of pastries, we invite you to spread joy and positivity, as well as calmness and hope, by daring with these two colours in 2021! Your delicious creations and your magnificent visuals are essential.

Together, in combination with your works of art and our food colouring, we tell a story, and we create memories.

Roxy & Rich is a pride of passion!

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