A self-taught baker and confectionery artist, Sasha Nary is the creative spirit at the heart of @SashaCakesChicago on TikTok and Instagram as well as a rapidly growing online baking and decorating academy. With her unique blend of classic and contemporary techniques, Sasha inspires and trains bakers from all over the world, using her skills as an instructor to offer fun, accessible, and uplifting courses centered on deliciously colourful recipes.

Originally from Ukraine, Sasha relocated to the United States twenty years ago, submerging herself in a new language and culture all while earning a second degree in business management. During this time, she had also been working full time as an account executive and makeup artistry trainer for major cosmetic brands, using her free time to whip up tasty treats for friends and family.

With a passion for all things colourful as well as a desire to take her deep love of baking and decorating to the next level, Sasha eventually decided to embark on a more creatively fulfilling career path. After the birth of her third child, she made the life-changing decision to master her favorite French desserts, diving head first into the world of cake baking and decorating.

Three years ago, Sasha’s friends and family convinced her to showcase her incredible talent on social media, leading to a tremendous interest in her unique confectionery skills. It wouldn’t be long until people from all over the country expressed their desire to try out Sasha’s amazing creations.

From baking her first cake at 8 years old alongside her grandmother to turning  her passion into a career after having three amazing kids, Sasha is proud to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring and seasoned bakers alike. In addition to offering comprehensive live baking and decorating webinars, Sasha has been featured as a guest blogger for Wilton Cake Decorating, Cupcake Project, TasteMade, and WGN News, also having participated in video projects for the Escoffier and Wilton schools.

Sasha’s creations and tutorials have been published in Cake Masters Magazine and American Cake Decorating Magazine. She has also appeared as a featured television guest on WGN Chicago, FOX, and NBC. Most recently, Sasha was a contestant on Candy Land, the Food Network competition series.

Sasha currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago IL with her husband and three kids, who are not only a major support system but also a huge inspiration for tons of recipes and designs!

We asked Sasha why she decided to become one of our ambassadors, and this is what she shared:

“As a confectionery artist, instructor, and content creator, I’ve been absolutely amazed by the experience and results that Roxy & Rich products have provided with me! Ever since I got my very first Fondusts and Chocolate Drips, which offer rich colours and easy application without leaving an aftertaste or changing textures, I couldn’t be more thankful to R&R for bringing their line of products to artists like myself.

When Roxy & Rich offered me the opportunity to become their Ambassador, I couldn’t have been more honoured! It’s one of the highlights of my career to represent such a fantastic brand that is completely changing the world of edible art.”

We also asked Sasha to describe her experience with our products and team:

“It speaks volumes when a company not only offers a fantastic product, but also has a team that immediately makes you part of their family, mission, and vision– not to mention their warm care and incredible customer service! Both the quality and appearance of my desserts have improved tremendously since I started using Roxy & Rich products. In my whole career as a confectionery artist, I had never been able to find the right colorants for my macarons, meringue, or buttercream. To achieve a rich, vivid colour, I had to compromise the taste or texture. Luckily this is no longer the case! We all know how temperamental macarons can be, and now they’re absolutely perfect when coloured with Roxy & Rich Fondusts.

I’m beyond thankful to represent Roxy & Rich and thrilled to start educating my online academy students and followers on how to tremendously improve not only the colours of their confections and decorations, but also the quality and taste of the final product.”

We are very proud to have Sasha Nary as a member of the Roxy & Rich family! Her vibrant spirit and passion for helping other artists bring their creativity to life are nothing short of inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future.

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sasha.nary

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sashacakeschicago/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SashaCakesChicago

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoEkw0uP0JvPKkCM_mhTo-g

Website: https://www.sashacakeschicago.com/