Written by our Ambassador Ben Fullard, Ben The Cake Man

When Roxy & Rich asked me to write a post about my favourite Hybrid Petal Dust colour, I was more than happy to accept this offer! The hardest part was deciding which one I would choose, as I love all of them and the range is so large. The request, however, was to pick just one, and so I have gone for the one which I use the most in my work: Rose Leaf Green.

Before, I go on to explain why I love this colour so much, let me tell you what it is.

Hybrid Petal Dust is a food colouring that is 100% edible (see their product description to learn more about the food safety standards their colours meet in each country). It is water soluble and designed for dry application using a brush. It can also be used to colour most other food products. It contains microcapsules of liquid colour that activate upon brushing. Roxy & Rich Hybrid Petal Dust Dust gives a deep tone with a matte finish that is great for realistic details especially with gumpaste and sugar flowers.

Some advantage of Hybrid Petal Dust are:

  • Dry application
  • Highly effective
  • Matte finish
  • Transforms into paint when mixed with water, alcohol, and lemon extract

I love this product because it does exactly what it should, and its versatility is fantastic! Brush it onto a sugar leaf and it is instantly recognizable as the deep, healthy green that everyone recognizes on a beautiful rose bush. For an older, more jaded-looking leaf, just one very light dusting will give you the perfect result. It is also the perfect base colour with which to add different shades – making your leaf colouring indistinguishable from the real thing, and ensuring that each leaf in your spray is slightly different (if, like me, a naturalistic look is what you are going for).

When used as it comes out of the pot, it gives a beautiful, soft finish that matches perfectly with blousy roses that are just beginning to shed their petals. It can also easily be diluted with alcohol to create a watercolour-like wash, or steamed, or glazed after application to create the deep glossy finish of rose leaves in their prime. 

Hybrid petal dust is certainly not just for roses! On its own, or mixed with other gorgeous shades of greens, yellows, or even reds, Hybrid petal dust are a perfect base for colouring almost any leaf, not just my personal garden favourites!

Their collection includes 115 colours that span the full visible spectrum.

Easy to use and superior quality!

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