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SPIRDUST®! A shimmering powder that makes your favorites alcoholic beverages glitter!

Easy to use, SPIRDUST® is a shimmering food colour specially designed for cocktails, beers, wines and other alcoholic beverages. Sprinkle SPIRDUST® a few shots directly into your drink and stir or add it to your cocktail and syrup bases. Available in 17 colours and 3 different sizes.


  • 100% edible (FDA)
  • Highly effective, 1.5g can make shimmer approximately 45 drinks
  • Does not change the taste of your drink
  • Does not stain your teeth
  • Infinite colour combinations
  • Ideal for restaurants, bars, special events, weddings, barbecues, having a drink on a terrace or just nights out with friends
  • Instant fun!

How to use SPIRDUST®

For single servings

  • Add SPIRDUST® directly to your drink by sprinkling a few pinches in your cocktail, beer, wine or spirits glass and stir.

For larger quantities

  • Simply add between 0.1g and 0.7g of SPIRDUST® per liter of liquid such as cocktail mixes, spirits, juices or liqueurs that you use to create your alcoholic beverages. You will have your glittering cocktail base close at hand and will avoid spilling the powder on the bar when serving your guests or customers. SPIRDUST® powder will settle to the bottom of the bottle after a while, just shake it before pouring in drinks.

SPIRDUST® is available in 3 sizes:

1.5g jar (approx. 45 drinks of 90ml or 3oz)
25g jar (approx. 700 drinks of 90ml or 3oz)
100g jar (approx. 2800 drinks of 90ml or 3oz)

* As food safety standards vary from country to country, see product description for more information.

1.5g : SPIR2-001
25g : SPIR25-001
100g : SPIR100-001
Gold Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-002
25g : SPIR25-002
100g : SPIR100-002
Orange Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-003
25g : SPIR25-003
100g : SPIR100-003
Red Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-004
25g : SPIR25-004
100g : SPIR100-004
Blue Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-005
25g : SPIR25-005
100g : SPIR100-005
Green Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-006
25g : SPIR25-006
100g : SPIR100-006
Violet Pearl
1.5g : SPIR2-007
25g : SPIR25-007
100g : SPIR100-007
1.5g : SPIR2-008
25g : SPIR25-008
100g : SPIR100-008
1.5g : SPIR2-009
25g : SPIR25-009
100g : SPIR100-009
1.5g : SPIR2-010
25g : SPIR25-010
100g : SPIR100-010
1.5g : SPIR2-011
25g : SPIR25-011
100g : SPIR100-011
1.5g : SPIR2-012
25g : SPIR25-012
100g : SPIR100-012
1.5g : SPIR2-013
25g : SPIR25-013
100g : SPIR100-013
Blue Indigo
1.5g : SPIR2-014
25g : SPIR25-014
100g : SPIR100-014
1.5g : SPIR2-015
25g : SPIR25-015
100g : SPIR100-015
1.5g : SPIR2-016
25g : SPIR25-016
100g : SPIR100-016
1.5g : SPIR2-017
25g : SPIR25-017
100g : SPIR100-017
Pink (Europe)
1.5g : SPIR2-018
25g : SPIR25-018
100g : SPIR100-018
Violet (Europe)
1.5g : SPIR2-019
25g : SPIR25-019
100g : SPIR100-019