Satin Dust – E171 Free

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This insoluble dust renders a beautiful soft shiny finish on your creations and is 100% edible.

Discover this beautiful and new dust to create stunning creations! Meet the European Commission Food Safety Standards. This product can be used for dry brushing, for painting (alcohol or lemon extract), and with an airbrush.


  • Without E171
  • Subtle shiny finish (satin)
  • Edible*
  • Insoluble in water
  • High opacity

*See the product description for more information.

Bright Sun
2.5g : A2-001
25g : A25-001
Orange Creamsicle
2.5g : A2-002
25g : A25-002
Sunset Orange
2.5g : A2-003
25g : A25-003
Red Pastel
2.5g : A2-004
25g : A25-004
Vintage Copper
2.5g : A2-005
25g : A25-005
2.5g : A2-006
25g : A25-006
2.5g : A2-007
25g : A25-007
Dark Charcoal
2.5g : A2-008
25g : A25-008