Coloured Cocoa Butter – Natural Collection – E171 Free

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This brightly natural coloured cocoa butter, without E171,
will give life to all your colourful ideas!

The Coloured Cocoa Butter Natural Collection is created with 100% natural fat dispersible colorants. It can be used in a chocolate mould, or airbrushed, painted or applied with fingers directly on moulded chocolate.


  • E171 Free
  • Available in several attractive colours
  • 100% Natural made from vegetal sources
  • Easy to use
  • Unchanged consistency
  • Pre-tempered
  • Edible*

* As food safety standards vary from one country to the next, see product description for more information.

Natural Yellow
56g : BN2_001
225g : BN8_001
1kg : BN35_001
Natural Orange
56g : BN2_002
225g : BN8_002
1kg : BN35_002
Natural Fuchsia Red
56g : BN2_003
225g : BN8_003
1kg : BN35_003
Natural Purple
56g : BN2_004
225g : BN8_004
1kg : BN35_004
Natural Blue
56g : BN2_005
225g : BN8_005
1kg : BN35_005
Natural Midnight Blue
56g : BN2_006
225g : BN8_006
1kg : BN35_006
Natural Chlorophyllin Green
56g : BN2_007
225g : BN8_007
1kg : BN35_007
Natural Brown
56g : BN8_009
225g : BN2_009
1kg : BN35_009
Natural Black
56g : BN2_010
225g : BN8_010
1kg : BN35_010
Natural Polar Bear White
78g : BN2_011
315g : BN8-011
1.4kg : BN35_011